In 2016 the agency managed a presentation of the Region Sardinia at the TTV event in Zurich, Switzerland and organized an event in Hamburg.

Press Office

Development and delivery of press releases on a monthly base


Organisation of a breakfast event for the German press, at the Sarah Wiener café restaurant in Berlin, on 8 March 2018 during the ITB Fair in Berlin

Organisation for the event “Sardinia in Munich”, for the press and tour operators, at the Ziemann’s Kochschule location, 22 February 2018

Organisation and management of a promotional event, for German tour operators and journalists, at the Maritime Museum in Hamburg, 22 November 2016

Visual presentation and concert of Mauro Palmas e Francesco Medda (Arrogalla)
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Presentation of the Region at the TTV Event in Zurich, Switzerland, 27 October 2017
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